Make Money & Wow Your Clientele 

Let's be real, French products offer a certain he ne sais quoi to at atmosphere.  When you think French, you think of tasty, expensive, exquisite, and high-end quality foods. 

We don't just offer French products at wholesale, we offer expertise. 


We are French!

We are business owners!

We are our own customers!

When you choose an Encore Gourmet Experience as a wholesale dealer, you are also receiving our level of excellent care, our knowledge of the BEST French foods, from chocolates to baguettes, and the most elite products curated specifically for your commerce needs. 


With no minimum order and an online shop specific to our vendors to purchase individual products at suggested retail prices, we are a stress-less way to provide French products that customers are seeking. 


See how we have helped the following industries:

AirbnbHosts & Boutique Hotels 

Grocery Stores

Gift Shops & Boutiques

Corporation Gift Baskets



A list of French Wholesale Products We Offer

A full list will be available upon wholesale application 

  • Croissants: butter plain croissants, chocolate croissants, raisin rolls all in large &  mini size. We have 1 option of Vegan croissant

  • Cookies: these can be wrapped individually as madeleines, we have also mini cookies from France that kids LOVE.

  • Candies & Chocolate from France: Bagged or individually wrapped. 

  • Cakes: Unique & hard to find options.

  • French baguettes

  • Waffles from Belgium,

  • French Cheese

  • Foie gras from France

  • Caviar from France 

  • French Honey and Jam 

  • French Drinks: the kids "champagne' and the syrup Teisseire grenadine, mojito, etc... very popular in France to be added with water or sparkling water as perrier

  • Rillettes: duck rillettes, salmon and spinach, chicken mousse, caviar rillettes also available. 

  • Fench Crackers from the South of France

  • Spreads & Condiments ...we call it aperitif time!