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What is Encore Gourmet

Encore Gourmet Experience is the definition of delicious!

No need to travel anymore to enjoy these delicacies...our aim is to let France travels to you.

We offer Gourmet and "Gourmand" (meaning "yummy" in French) products imported from France. Our product line is very diverse and we offer you cheese, foie gras, caviar, patés, jams, honey, candies, ready-to-bake, and ready-to-serve line.

No need to be a professional chef to offer gourmet food to your guests, customers or associates!

Let us open our French fridge and pantry and have it easily accessible to you!

Who are we?

We are a French family who has claimed Texas as their second home.


With an eclectic background in different industries mainly in the luxury and hospitality business, we always understood that beyond selling products or services, that how a client feels is the most important part of the business.

We are really excited to share our culture and passion for our gastronomy with our new Texan family!

Why was Encore Gourmet Experience created?

Simply put, we missed having the French food we grew up with, and that's where the idea was born to create an affordable and easy method for ourselves and for our clients and Texan family as well, in sharing the French food and culture at a reasonable price.